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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Piolo Pascual opens up about his feelings for KC Concepcion
by Rachelle Siazon | June 06, 2010 12:51 AM | 

Contrary to his previous interviews, Piolo Pascual was more open to talking about how much he enjoys KC Concepcion’s company whenever they have the chance to get away from work. There have been reports that the two have gone out on several dates lately and he did not deny it during the press con for his Century Bangus endorsement last June 2. “Because sa sobrang busy namin pareho, we want to find time to be able to be human and watch movies or go to malls na alam mong walang kailangang camera, walang kailangang pag-usapan sa media. So I guess it’s just the human side of us,” he began.

He was also very open about the fact that he took videos of KC during her birthday bash on ASAP XV last month. The young actress was singing her latest single “Not Like The Movies” at the time. “It was her special day. It’s the launch of her album and it’s a new song. I was so excited for her and siguro without the cameras naman, I just want to be able to express my excitement also for somebody that I truly care about,” he exclaimed.

When asked about the photo of them holding hands backstage on that same day, Piolo explained that he certainly has no control over whatever the media would like to publish about their much-talked about romance. In the same way that he can’t always be on guard whenever he’s with KC. “What can we do? We’re both in the industry. And kung ano man makuha ng mga tao, we don’t want to be hiding something from the press. Kasi minsan gusto rin naman naming magpakatao.

Piolo further shared that people around them will always have different opinions about their relationship, which could even be hurtful towards him at times. But for now, he was happy to say that things are really going well between the two of them. “KC will always be somebody who's special to me. I know I can talk to her on the phone for hours (and) be with her everyday. She’s a good person. There's more to her than what you see on TV. So ayun, I’m growing, we’re both growing. [Our relationship] is something that we really want to nurture,” he stated.

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